Configure NetScaler Gateway for Receiver Storefront Access

I have seen quite a lot of Questions in the CitrixIRC Channel on how to correctly configure the NetScaler Access Gateway (now named NetScaler Gateway) to provide access to Storefront Services (also often called CloudGateway Express) for all the different Citrix Receivers.

The following Configuration is intended for a CloudGateway Express Implementation (Storefront without the AppController). The Load Balancing of the Storefront Servers itself should already be working (see my other Blogpost on how to setup Storefront Load Balancing).

I'll just dump a lot of Screenshots of my NetScaler Gateway Configuration without any further explanations in the hopes to help someone out there in configuring the NetScaler Gateway + Storefront. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Screenshots after the break.

INFO: Since NetScaler 10.5 you need to set the Receiver for Web Site via the Web Interface Address Field under Published Applications (and no longer via the Home Page Field as seen in the Screenshot) in the NetScaler GUI. See this Blogpost regarding the Changes.